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Pegatron continues to strive towards achieving its vision of leading in the design and manufacture service industry, developing the most advanced technologies one step at a time.
Our Culture
  • Perseverance
  • We insist on continually performing at our best to provide ultimate satisfaction to our customers.
  • Passion for technology
  • Behind our every innovation lies our passion for technology. We are driven by the “beauty” of technology, which allows us to achieve what previously was thought to be impossible.
  • Commitment to quality
  • We continue to commit to refining our quality management processes to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Partnership
  • We view all our suppliers, customers, shareholders and end-users as our partners. We endeavor to foster and maintain these healthy relationships with our partners by achieving mutual successes and benefits.
Core Competence
  • Talented Employees
  • We employ highly talented in-house design teams that perform at a high level by internalizing and executing innovation ideas.
  • R & D capability
  • Fueled by the spirit of innovation and development, we work to maintain and cultivate a strong IP position and patent portfolio.
  • Manufacturing systems
  • We implement tight vertical integration and streamlined manufacturing operations to ensure customer satisfaction.
Strategic Action
  • Innovation
  • We invest in world-class consumer insights, technologies, designs and superior manufacturing processes.
  • Making a difference
  • We are committed to creating a sustainable environment and focused on making a positive difference in the processes of design, manufacturing and service.
  • Strategic investments
  • We aim towards operational excellence and quality by making strategic investments in our businesses.
Our Vision
We work on the belief that technology has the potential to transform imaginations into opportunities and challenges into pleasures. With our mission of “navigating the future”, Pegatron seeks to pursue the goal of becoming an industry-leading company that satisfies its customers throughout the world with its unique design innovations and exceptional services.
Management Philosophy
Pegatron expects all employees to work passionately and positively to inspire the potentials of each other. By working closely among teams with different functions, employees at Pegatron are able to create market-leading products based on the philosophy of maximizing benefits to its customers.



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