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By setting trends and designing for a better tomorrow, Pegatron helps its customers navigate their futures.

Founded in January 2008, Pegatron is a worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities. With equity of US$2.7 billion, Pegatron boasts a diversified product line, including motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, broadband, wireless systems, game consoles, networking equipment, Set-top boxes, multimedia, LCD TVs, and more. At Pegatron, we take pride in our well-diversified product portfolio, unique designs, flexible manufacturing capabilities and reliable after-sale services.

IC 037. US 100 103 106. G & S: Installation of computer systems and computer networks; maintenance of computer systems, computer peripherals, computer hardware and computer networks and associated peripheral devices; refilling of toner cartridges; installation and repair for telephone, installation and repair for communications equipment, installation and repair for household appliance.

IC 038. US 100 101 104. G & S: Telecommunication access service; providing multiple-user access to databases on a global computer network; telecommunication services, namely, providing information via the Internet about communications networks; telecommunication transmission of voice, data, graphics, images, audio and video by means of telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, and the internet; telecommunication transmission, namely, transmission of podcasts and webcasts; mobile telephone communication transmission; telephone communication transmission; voice mail services; providing telecommunication connections to the Internet; transmission of information by electronic communications networks; communications transmission by computer terminals; computer aided image and message transmission; electronic mail; computer aided transmission of messages and images; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; providing information about telecommunication; paging services.

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Computer services, namely, designing computers and computer peripherals for others related to operational and supporting services; computer systems analysis and computer network systems analysis; computer consultation; computer information technology consultation; computer programming; updating of computer software; maintenance of computer software; rental of computer software; duplications of computer programs; computer virus protection services; recovery of computer data; provide extended information service in the field of computers by global computer network, namely, providing information in the field of computers via a global computer network.

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