Beyond Imagination
Imagination is not an end, but it's a start with which we make brilliant ideas alive.



We are specialized in industrial design, visual communication, color & material research, design research, and interaction design.
Design > Innovation
Innovations simplify our lives and enable us to realize our full potential. Innovations come from our thirst for a better world.
Applying New Materials
Recent trends in the IT industry such as material effects and production processes are becoming critical issues to customers. Pegatron is committed to exploring processes of adopting new materials and advanced production means that are more eco-compliant and a better fits to our lives. Given Pegatron's outstanding industrial design capabilities and its streamlined mass production process, our material innovative ideas are highlighted by award winning cutting-edge designs, such as the application of leather and bamboo in electronics products. Pegatron provides innovative and competitive solutions to our customers, and we are confident that these innovations and services will significantly help our customers’ businesses.
Developing Green Materials and Green Manufacturing
Pegatron is dedicated to the development and application of green materials. We work to effectively and responsibly when managing hazardous substances, recycling, and designing easy disassembly and product reliability. Pegatron has established comprehensive integrated guidelines, design procedures, and software solutions that are used to develop environmentally-friendly products in a systematic and efficient way. Based on customer specifications and energy-saving eco-considerations, Pegatron has developed many innovative green manufacturing processes. In the long run, we will continue to simplify our manufacturing processes and facilities while adopting green materials. Pegatron is committed to making contributions to society that are aligned with our business strategy.
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