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Environment Tests
Temperature /Humidity Test
Acoustic Noise Measurement
Rain Test
Dust Test
Reliability Test
High Accelerated Life Test: To find out the limit and failure mode of a product. (temperature, electric pressure, vibration)
Mechanical Tests:
To effectively verify mechanical structure
Shock Test
Vibration Test
Life Cycle Test
Hinge Test
Pogo Test
Key Switch Life Test
Analysis Capability
Strain Gage Analysis
Dye and Pry Analysis
Hinge Test High Accelerated Life Test
Acoustic Noise Measurement
Our Strength
Development Process & Testing Plan Quality Control Multiple Products Coverage
Qualification planning & testing BTO Product Working Model Desktop PC
Schedule & Quality Management CTO Product Working Model Laptop NB
Quality Issue Tracking System Key Component Qualification Gamming
Resource Control & Management Third party Quality Support Digital Home & A/V Product
    Server Work Station
    Mobile Phone
    Military IPC
Localization Validation & Analysis Experience
Taipei & Environmental Reliability Lab Mechanical Life & Strain ISO 7779 Acoustic Noise Testing
Suzhou Environmental Reliability Lab Environmental Application Margin IEC Mechanical Shock & Vibration Testing
Shanghai Environmental Reliability Lab Physical Material and Element Hazardous ASTM Package & Transportation Testing
  Thermal & Acoustic Noise Regulation ISO 2001 Facility & Equipment Audit Comply
  Optical & Display Color Characteristic Mil STD 217 Product Life MTBF Prediction
  Energy Star EPA and Power Saving EDX SEM, Cross Section


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