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Experience Design
How are brands remembered? Brands are remembered more by the quality of a person’s experience with the brand rather than simply the product or the service itself. That experience needs to be memorable throughout the entire engagement with the brand. Experience Design is integrating all elements of the design in terms of personality and character. It covers the full range of design, from product design, interaction and user interface design, communication design, packaging design, display design, to exhibition design, and more.
Identity Design
Identity Design involves the creation and definition of all elements that identify a product or service value proposition, including logos, forms, colors, and finishes. Identity Design ensures that the desired values and propositions are consistent across different media.
Innovation Design
Innovation Design transforms the latest technology into completely new design-led applications. Innovation Design even creates opportunities to make a technology breakthrough. Innovation Design helps develop possible concepts and scenarios, supported by technology roadmaps, to generate new product and/or service value propositions.
Trend Insights
Trend Insights involve providing trend observations on colors, materials, and production which ensure business partners develop competitive products and services, and appropriate value propositions.
Product Design
Product Design involves creating design concepts, guidelines and final design specifications for products of diversified shapes and sizes. This includes determining the optimal choices concerning aspects such as functions, shapes, forms, colors, finishes and textures.
Interaction Design
Interaction Design is a human-centric design which involves defining the behaviors of products or systems with which users interact. Interaction Design creates concepts, guidelines and final design specifications for information structures.



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