Beyond Imagination
Imagination is not an end, but it's a start with which we make brilliant ideas alive.
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Pegatron provides a total solution on pre-installed image delivery. We create, develop, manage, test, and maintain the pre-installed images, and provide service support on image deployment. We believe that the software design can beautify the user interface and provide user-friendly applications.
Our Strength
Integrate development,
manufacturing & service
Complete Solutions Diversified Product Lines
Development and Creation BTO product lines Desktop PC
Schedule and Quality Management CTO product lines Laptop PC
Testing Recovery Media Gaming
Manufacture Support Support Media Digital Home
Service Support   Home Server
Customization Localization & Globalization
Value added Solution Taipei R&D Center
Custom Design Suzhou R&D Center
Flexible and Proactive Mexico R&D Lab
Rapid Reaction Czech R&D Lab




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