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We care where we live, and dedicate ourselves to make it healthy and green.


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Precautionary Policy
For these substances and materials which are harmful to or may have impacts on human health and environmental resources, we eliminate the use of them in the design stage after our assessments. Moreover, we seek to go beyond legislated mandates; for example, we eliminate or restrict the usage of materials in our products and processes that may threat human health even though the materials have not been proven harmful to human health or have not been restricted by laws.

Note: We implement precautionary actions to collect potential environment impacts information of substances. The resources include current scientific researches, vendors, customers, international treaties and conventions, legislations, non-governmental organizations, recyclers, and our own internal laboratory test results.
Hazardous substances substitution Principle
By reviewing hazardous substances warranty letters, component composition tables or MSDS, and 3rd party test reports provided by vendors, we assess and make sure the replacement material is ideally non-hazardous or less hazardous than the material that needs to be phased out. The candidate component can then be approved and used in Pegatron’s products.
Minimizing Material Intensity Policy
To minimize material usage, we have been seeking solutions to use less material in our manufacturing process, and solutions of durable and less toxic materials.
Product Gas Emissions Related Policy
To minimize toxic air emissions, we restrict and eliminate the use of chemicals and materials in our manufacturing process.
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