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Life Cycle Assessment
In light of the European Union's Energy Using Product (EuP) directive and to understand how products could affect our environment through the resources used in their manufacture, use, and end-of-life phases, Pegatron initiated a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program, which is sponsored by the Taiwanese Government. ASUS provided Taiwan its first Life Cycle Inventory Questionnaire Form and would like to encourage other Taiwanese industries to implement and set up a Taiwanese Eco-profile database together. We would research and execute lifecycle inventory and assessment cooperatively with other Taiwan companies.

In accordance with the ISO 14040:2006 (Lifecycle Cycle Assessment Principle and Framework) and ISO 14044:2006 (Life Cycle Assessment Requirements and Guidelines), we have established the structure and standard processes of our Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) work. Pegatron undertakes LCI surveys and furthermore will issue Eco-profiles (of different products) as the basis for evaluating our compliance with the EuP directive.

Pegatron customizes mechanical parts for its products during the design phase. Our R&D department cooperates with our strategic partners to assess the LCA impact of these mechanical parts. Therefore, one phase of the LCI focuses on products' mechanical components. In this phase, Pegatron collects information regarding the manufacturing process and its environmental energy inputs and outputs. This data is set up for our Eco-profile database to compile and measure the overall LCA impacts of manufacturing mechanical parts.

With this data available in our Eco-profile databases for each distinct component manufacturing process, designers can better understand the potential environmental impacts of each process. At the same time, the TEEMA Association (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and Pegatron jointly established LCI tables and Eco-profile databases for mechanical parts manufactured by Taiwanese industries. Data is being gathered from a standardized LCI survey form from all industries in Taiwan .
Standardized LCI Survey Form

Future LCI Actions
Pegatron aims to also phase in the below LCI action items in the future.
(1) Conduct the Life Cycle Assessment according to ISO 14044:2006's evaluation analysis procedures. The       company and the Taiwan market will (cooperate to implement LCI surveys on the basis of) the Life Cycle       Assessment's model standards
(2) Demonstrate products that meet the EuP's requirements in the Eco-profile technical document, by       referencing the mechanical parts of the Life Cycle Assessment table and ensuring the manufacture of       mechanical parts meeting the criteria specified in the Eco-profile database.
(3) To drive the Taiwan system of business organization/TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic      Manufacturers' Association) EuP SIG and the strength of committee members, discussing Life Cycle      Assessment table and the possibility of a data platform, and at the same time establishing the Life Cycle      Assessment database for mechanical parts for the Taiwan Region.


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