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Organization & Responsibility
Pegatronā€˜s Corporate Management System is integrated as Pegatron Green Management System (abbreviated as PureGMS) and Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (abbreviated as PureCSR)

We have established our PureCSR management system and its policy; meanwhile, the following directives have been implemented according to our commitment:

1. Abide by environmental and labor laws, regulations and other requirements to meet global environmental     protection, labor rights and zero-hazard activities.
2. Educate the entire staff, making them aware of ways to protect the environment, respect the dignity of life,
    cherish natural resources, ensure employee safety and promote the physical and mental health of     everyone.
3. A chieve effective resource consumption via reusing and re-cycling of resources.
4. Enhance waste handling and monitor it. The responsible unit shall ensure that wastes are handled properly     and not being reused nor re-sold, in order to safeguard the company and customer's rights.
5. Enhance the monitoring of pollutants and improve risk management to reduce impact on the environment     and employees.
6. Promote the independence and reliability of self-management so as to optimize the quality of occupational     hazard controls.
7. Establish a management system for corporate social responsibility to improve the efficiency of     environmental protection, labor rights, and safety and health.
8. Implement greenhouse gas investigation programs to identify and register so as to meet emission     requirements.
9. Openly pledge the company's commitment in protecting the environment and labor rights and reducing     occupational hazards.
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