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Greenhouse Gases Inventory Project
Why implement the greenhouse gases evaluation project ?
  1. To comply with customer requirements.
  2. To integrate with the ISO management system.
  3. To be prepared for future greenhouse gas reductions.
  4. A Global environmental trend.
  5. To pursue sustainable development.
  1. To comply with the global environmental trend.
  2. To pursue the corporate sustainability development.
  3. Use as a basis of greenhouse gas reductions.
Environmental Accounting
Why implement environmental accounting?
  1. Due to increasing legal environmental regulations, environmental costs for a corporation are also increasing. Thus, relevant environmental financial information should be accounted for prudent decision-making.
  2. To fulfill the increasing international directives related to environmental protection. With green initiatives becoming a part of a company's competitive advantage, we need environmental financial information that are in accordance with relevant decision-making.
  3. It can serve as an important reference for corporate management and decision making.
  4. Provide stakeholders with necessary information.
  5. Identify environmental-related internal and external costs.
  6. As a basis of environmental improvements.
  7. Strive for corporate sustainability development.

  1. For a company, environmental cost accounting is a type of managerial analysis and these statistics help increase the efficiency and effects on environmental protection.
  2. Environmental accounting data can provide valuable internal information and also be exposed to external parties as part of Pegatron's environmental sustainability report.
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