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PureGMS Training and Education Program

PureGMS is a product environmental quality assurance system implemented by Pegatron Corporation; it is a part of the quality system of the whole company to diminish or eliminate hazardous substances listed in RoHS, WEEE and other applicable standards or legislation regulated by each country. Pegatron Corporation implements ”Hazardous Substances Free (HSF) Assurance Program” for its products, and thus, every employee must understand HSF related requirements before implementing HSF tasks in daily operations. In order to let every employee understand HSF requirements, new employees are required to complete a basic course and pass a quiz via our e-learning system. An Intermediate course and quiz must be completed and passed for every employee who has been assigned HSF related tasks. In order to ensure that employees who are responsible for part approval tasks fully understand how to complete the survey form and check details and further understand the concept and function of the e-Green platform, so that they can complete parts approval tasks appropriately. The participants have to complete and pass the intermediate and advanced course and quiz. Besides, we have retraining course mentioned about the latest international standards and regulations. All employees are requested to attend and complete the retraining course annually.

Level Course Name Employees Required to Participate Course Description
Basic HSF Primary course All employees This course provides a basic understanding of HSF, and basic concept of HSF system for new employees
Intermediate HSF Intermediate course All employees who implement HSF management indirectly within Pegatron Corporation This course discusses the implementation approach of PureGMS of Pegatron Corporation regarding hazardous substances banned by international regulations
Advanced HSF Advanced course All employees who implement HSF management directly within Pegatron Corporation This course covers the content that part approval staffs need to understand. The course introduces and tutors the green part approval
Re-Training HSF Re-Training
All employees This course introduces the latest international regulations / international standards, so that Pegatron’s employees understand the trend of regulatory standards
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