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The sources of our industrial waste are mainly research and development test materials, scraps, packaging materials and commodity wastes. By strict classification and management mechanisms we can reduce the potential impact on the environment. According to Environment Protection Agency (EPA) standards, wastes are classified into three categories:
  1. Hazardous industrial waste: Hazardous or dangerous waste which concentrations or quantities can affect human health or pollute the environment, such as waste solvent, soldering, printed circuit, boards, cables, components, batteries, etc.
  2. Recycled waste: Waste which are recyclable; such as papers, polyester bottles, etc.
  3. General industrial waste: Other wastes than the above two categories. For example, garbage, Kitchen waste, tissues and food packing bags, etc. Our company contracts with legitimate and responsible recycling vendors to handle hazardous waste.
Our company commissions with legitimate and responsible recycling vendors to handle hazardous waste.

Waste Management and Control System
To ensure that waste handling is effective and legal, our management system is as bellows:
  1. Establishes "Waste Control Management Procedure" to manage and control industrial waste.
  2. We monitor and control all processes in handling waste through management system, including waste reduction and classification, waste handling procedure and monitoring & tracking to reduce possible environmental impacts.
  3. We develop an internal control processes to review before waste electronic products scrapped, to improve the reuse rate of them.
  4. We endeavor to improve the reuse and recycling rate via continuous communication with handling vendors and investigation of the recycling techniques.
  5. We utilize "waste classification/sorting" to enhance the recycling rate and reduce the quantity of industrial waste.
Waste Handing
Pegatron's first priority of waste handling is reuse. Parts that cannot be reused will be broken down or shredded and recycled as raw materials. Incineration and landfill is our last option. Reducing incineration percentage is our goal to reduce pollution.

Future Objectives and Challenges
Due to the expansion of our company continually, our total waste volume will increase, and this is a serious challenge for our waste management. Therefore, to ensure that all wastes in the company are handled legally, we are endeavoring to control and increase the reusing rate of all kinds of waste before disposing and keep staffs informed of the various waste classifications. In addition, we continually update and communicate relevant techniques with waste handling vendors to improve the recycling rate.
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